By Jimmy Eldred Quast

The science of biology is currently struggling through an amazing transformation. In fact it is the same transition that physics had to endure during the first half of the 20th century. Before its transition, physics was limited to Newtonian physics, which is based upon an understanding that all matter is made of atoms. Scientists like Einstein, found that atoms are not made of matter at all, but instead are made entirely of energy. You may remember your science teacher telling you that atoms contain particles called electrons, protons and neutrons, and we do still teach that theory in our schools. Nonetheless, quantum physics revealed years ago that atoms only contain energy that spins in vortexes at different speeds for each element in the periodic table. Many years went by before this information was even available to the public at large, as is often the case with such major leaps forward. Remember that Galileo was arrested for proving the earth rotates around the sun rather than the other way around. It took a long time for that information to reach the public too.

Our so-called modern biology is the basis for modern medicine, and it is based on the theory of genetic control. In fact, in medical schools this is referred to as the “central dogma.” I don’t want to get bogged down in the explanation of this, so I will just keep it very simple. The genetic control theory states that all biological control initiates in the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), then advances into the RNA (ribonucleic acid) which then results in the creation of 150 thousand or more forms of protein. This protein shapes our bodies and even controls our behavior. This theory of genetic control was originally advanced by Francis Crick, co-discoverer of DNA. However, his theory, was not the result of an experiment. No experimentation was ever really done. Scientists certainly liked Crick’s theory because it agreed with their thinking at that time. It was simply not questioned and the result has been that, after 60 years, most scientists have assumed the theory of genetic control is the truth.

In the mean time, physics has been telling us that this physical body of ours is not merely a machine, but is really made of energy. The truth is that energy has as much or more of an effect on our bodies than anything mechanical. Yet we continue to limit nearly all of our medical interventions to physical surgery and chemicals (pharmaceuticals). Within the science of physics, old thinking has had to yield to new thinking. Within the science of biology the same process began about 20 years ago with what some call the New Biology.

One of the leading scientists in the New Biology is Dr. Bruce Lipton. I first met Dr. Lipton about 14 years ago at a hypnotherapy convention. I have had the opportunity to speak with him and attend presentations by him on other occasions since then. Dr. Lipton is not a hypnotherapist, but he is very interested in my profession as a result of his work with DNA. In order to explain his attraction to my work, I need to begin by giving you some more details about the New Biology.

Whereas the biological theory of genetic control makes us helpless victims of our DNA, the New Biology has been investigating the ways in which energy affects our bodies. This work has cracked open some breath-taking discoveries. Within the New Biology, a whole new genetic science has emerged called epigenetics which has opened our understanding to something we now call epigenetic control. The prefix epi means “above,” so this term literally means “above genetic control.” This science began roughly 20 years ago, and through rigorous scientific investigation it has shown us that our bodies and behavior are controlled by something above our genes. That something turns out to be our minds. Your thoughts and perceptions actually control your genetic expression. Again, this is not really new. The work has been going on particularly at the University of Wisconsin and Stanford University, but it is just beginning to show up in the popular media for public consumption. I have seen how individuals react when they find out about this discovery. They usually think it is very interesting, but when people begin to understand that this is the emerging reality, we will have the opportunity to shift from being victims of a mechanistic medicalized society, and can instead become much more like masters of our own lives.

As I have said so many times before -- this is ancient knowledge. It can even be found in Proverbs 23: “As a man thinketh, so is he!” My work as a hypnotherapist is to help people to substitute positive ideas and beliefs for negative and limiting ones. Ever since I started doing this work in 1993, I have continuously witnessed the wonderful results that occur when people are able to tap into their own minds to change their lives and heal their bodies. Those results have been nothing short of magical. According to Dr. Lipton, my profession is one of the few that are in fact applying the principles of the New Biology, and this is why he has been attending some of our professional gatherings.

I am thrilled that science is catching up with and explaining the magic I have observed. However, I know that many people would rather not become masters of their own lives. It seems to be in our human nature that many of us prefer to entirely hand over that responsibility to someone else, but the price has become incredibly high. Dr. Deepak Chopra, a preeminent leader in the pursuit of more effective health care, says that every advance in medicine has been at the price of new illnesses due to side effects and complications. For example, he says most cancer deaths are due to the pharmaceuticals used to treat cancer. The anti-inflammatory drugs used to treat arthritis are the primary cause of hospitalizations of arthritis sufferers. The use of antibiotics is still held out as a marvelous breakthrough but in truth the bacteria, that have evolved as a result, are more deadly than ever and are now untreatable in some cases. A common ear infection that affects children, for example, has evolved into a killer disease as a result of overusing antibiotics.

We seem to be trying to medicalize everything. Baldness is now a medical condition that can be treated with drugs. There is now a drug that can be prescribed for people who suffer from the condition of compulsive shopping; but watch out because, like most drugs, it has some pretty serious side effects. If you can’t sleep after drinking coffee, don’t worry, that’s now a medical condition called caffeine-induced sleep disorder. That means you can get a prescription for it and you won’t have to take responsibility for poor judgment when you choose to drink coffee before bedtime. Honestly, I am not making this stuff up! There is even a drug for bad parenting. One by one, all of our normal human problems are being medicalized by the pharmaceutical companies who add them to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual which is a primary guide for treatment and diagnosis by all doctors in the US. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has down-rated the quality of the US healthcare system to 72nd in the world!

I will leave you with quotes from two of the most respected physicians in the history of modern medicine.

Hypocrates, the father of western medicine, said - “It is more important to examine what kind of person has the disease than what kind of disease the person has.”

William Oelsler, another father of modern medicine, famous for his advances in the treatment of tuberculosis, said - “If you want to heal T.B. it is more important to know what’s going on in the patient’s mind than in their lungs.”

Note: hypnosis for medical issues may require a physician’s referral.


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