By Jimmy Eldred Quast

I have just returned from a week-long training of therapists in Chicago where I was honored to be one of the three instructors. We had 21 students from 6 different countries, all of whom were very experienced professionals. There were medical doctors, psychotherapists, psychologists, and others, but they all shared one critical skill. All of them were experienced in the use of hypnosis. Furthermore, they all came to Chicago to learn a single amazing technique. They wanted to know how to help their clients/patients to be able to remember and understand their immortal identities. And why would they want to do that? Quite simply because during the years since Dr. Michael Newton began researching this process in 1956, one of the most obvious benefits has been the dramatic mental and physical improvement that it produces in people.

Let me assure you that it is not my purpose here to challenge anyone’s personal belief system. Some of what I am describing here may work for you, but some of it may not. My own beliefs have slowly changed over the years, and those changes have always been tempered by a high degree of skepticism on my part, which I believe is natural and healthy.

Most of the professionals who attended the aforementioned training all came for common reasons. They told us their primary reason was their belief that they could be more effective healers, teachers, and counselors if they could help their clients/patients to discover who they really are as souls, and what their purpose is on this challenging planet we call earth.

We have had individuals come to these trainings with a secret purpose to actually debunk the idea that there is a spirit world which we all share and call home. I still identify with those people, because their skepticism is quite similar to that which I, myself, felt before I began to experience this work personally.

So what must one do to gain access to one‘s immortal memories, you may ask? In a nutshell, the human mind has different levels of functioning and memory. The conscious mind is the analytical part with which we are all familiar. In fact, for most of us, it is the only part of which we are directly aware. This is where you do your thinking, planning, problem solving, etc. Beneath this familiar level, there are various other levels that go by names like “subconscious,” “unconscious,” and “super conscious.” We are only indirectly aware of the functioning of the latter two levels. The unconscious is involved with the operation and maintenance of the physical body. Hypnotherapists can use light-to-moderate trance states to access the unconscious mind for the purpose of controlling bad habits, eliminating pain, resolving difficult chronic emotional states, and tapping normally unavailable levels of memory so as to discover the real causes behind various human conditions.

The super conscious level is much harder to access in most of us. But it is well worth the effort because that is where we all seem to have very elaborate and extensive memories of our timeless existence as souls. Once a person decides they want to make this incredible journey into their mind, we use hypnosis to place them into that very deep, comfortable, and pleasant level of super conscious trance. We all pass through this exact same level of trance every day as we are falling asleep and waking up, but without someone to help us maintain it, we pass through it too quickly to access any meaningful memories. The super conscious level is reached when one’s dominant brainwaves slow down to about 7 hertz or less. When you are asleep, your brainwaves drop down to around 1 hz, which is much too deep for accessing soul memory. Sometimes a subject will become too relaxed and fall asleep during the induction of hypnosis, in which case we just have to wake them up a little. These sessions are typically 3, 4, even 5 hours long. Throughout the session, the subject is talking and answering questions about what they are experiencing. The facilitator stays occupied with asking good questions, taking notes, and running a recorder. At the conclusion of the session the recording is always given to the subject, so they can study it in depth later on.
At present, the international group of therapists I am involved with has conducted these super conscious interviews with a total of approximately 15,000 individuals. The most amazing aspect of these interviews or sessions is the incredible consistency of the material that our subjects report to us.

You might ask, what types of things are people reporting about this spirit world they say we return to after physical life. First, they tell us we have all died many times. They start by describing the details of exactly what it was like as they moved away from their bodies after their most recent death. They tell of an overwhelming feeling of freedom and comfort at being released from the heavy physical body. Often they do have lingering concerns about loved ones they have left behind, and they may try to contact and reassure those that were closest to them in life. When they move away from the earth, they are met by friends and family that passed on before them, as well as personal teachers and guides who come and help them get reoriented to life in the spirit world. They tell us about their soul groups in which they are very involved with study, planning, teaching, and sometimes very advanced work of a creative nature. They usually tell us about a group of wise elders who offer loving criticism and advice, but they make it clear that there is no forceful authority in the spirit world. Within the thousands of cases accumulated so far, we have never found any evidence of punishment for one’s mistakes or even for genuine wrongdoing. There is only loving guidance and support as souls work out their own ways to atone for errors they have made in human form.

In our nightly dreams, time is not linear. That is, we lose the meaning of past and present, and find ourselves in a very loose and mobile form of NOW. This is the nature of time in the spirit world too, but that is one of the most difficult concepts for us to understand because our human experience is so limited by chronological time. Indeed, our advanced physicists have been telling us for decades that linear time, as we know it, ceases to exist when we move away from the purely physical reality we live in.

During these super conscious sessions, souls tell us that, before we were conceived, we all made careful plans, and chose definite purposes and goals for the lives we are living right now. They say loved ones and friends cooperated closely with us throughout that planning process in hopes that everyone would benefit and grow from the challenges that were set up and agreed to. But that does not mean everything is predestined. They point out that free will can always intervene to change the plan. I think of that as good news, because it means we have the freedom to choose, and this also makes life much more interesting.

Of necessity and by design, we human beings forget who we really are. The forgetting allows us to live our life as if this was the only life we’ve ever had. The amnesia apparently begins at birth or during early childhood. But, our years of research indicate that, once we have gotten past the age of 30 or so, it can be not only okay but actually beneficial to start this remembering process. Indeed, when we try to do one of these sessions with someone much younger than that, we usually find they are blocked from receiving the information.

Essentially what we seem to have here is a source for personal information and understanding that comes from within us, rather than from an outside authority. In fact, I always request that my clients bring a list of personal questions to be asked during their sessions. There are two questions I always ask whether my client has put them on their own list or not. I have been told these are the two most important questions confronting all human beings……. Who am I? and Why am I here? Think about it. And for more information go to the website of The Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy at .

Note: hypnosis for medical issues may require a physician’s referral.


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