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Past Life Regression: 2-3 hrs $100/hr

P.L. regression is an incredibly wonderful tool for self-exploration. However, it is frequently recommended as the best therapeutic means for resolving the causes behind any number of human problems or conditions. Either way it can have an extremely positive effect when facilitated by a professional hypnotist.

Life Between Lives Regression: 3-5 hrs $500 flat rate

This is quite possibly the most life-enhancing process one can undergo. Whether one believes in a hereafter or not, most individuals who take this journey will actually recover significant immortal soul memories. It seems we all have similar memories of our spiritual home, the work we are involved with there, and the plans we made there for the physical life we are now living.

Hypnosis: typically 1- 4 sessions totaling 2-8 hrs $100/hr

Improve motivation and self confidence.
Resolve relationship problems.
Eliminate negative habits such as smoking, biting nails.
Improve study and test-taking skills.
Enhance sports abilities.
Lose excess weight.
Desensitize problematic emotions such as anxiety, fear, sadness, anger, or guilt.
Rid yourself of excessive stress.
Regain the ability to relax.
Restore your capacity for natural and sound sleep.
Learn how to do self-hypnosis.
Unleash your body’s natural healing powers by relieving the emotional barriers.

With your doctor’s referral you may also:

Relieve chronic pain.
Manage addictions of all types.
Relieve hypertension.
Control eating disorders.
Get relief from asthma and allergies.
Greatly enhance recovery from cancer.
Make an upcoming surgery easier - recovery faster.
Control depression using few or no drugs.
And much more………………

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