Life Between Lives Regression

The use of hypnosis to regress people into the spirit world is the life-work of Dr. Michael Newton. The results of his work are published in his two best-selling books, Journey of Souls, and Destiny of Souls. Newton’s scientific approach has caused some of the most skeptical critics to rethink their views.

Jimmy Quast is co-author of the newest book titled, Memories of the Afterlife. For more information see our About J. E. Quast page.

Dr. Newton and Jimmy Quast  

Between 1956 and 2002, Dr. Newton regressed roughly 7,000 people, of diverse ethnicities and belief systems, into a deep trance state characterized by theta brain wave dominance. This is the same state we all float in briefly as we are falling asleep or waking up. Newton found that, by assisting people to linger a while at that level, most of them will gradually recall more and more of their immortal (soul) memories. By asking hundreds of probing questions and getting incredibly consistent answers from thousands of individuals, Newton gradually obtained a reliable understanding of the layout of the spirit world. It seems that all of us, no matter who we are or where we reside in the world, agree on the details of a spirit world which we know as HOME. We have all voluntarily departed that home many times, and mingled our essence with a tiny fetus. Each time we have done this, we have assumed a veil of amnesia in order to experience life as if for the first time. In this way we have repeatedly tested our personal growth and progress as souls, and we are doing that still. Due to the consistency and incredible detail of the information that has been gathered during regression sessions, scholars and theologians have found it hard to dismiss the validity of this work. As human beings, this personal information is profoundly life enhancing. Imagine how useful it would be to know the detailed answers to questions such as: Who am I - really? Why exactly am I here now? What is going to happen when I die?

My own involvement with LBL (Life between lives) work began in 2001, when I was asked to be an assistant instructor at the very first LBL training event. At the invitation of the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists, fifty doctors, therapists and professional hypnotists came to Virginia Beach to learn, under the direction of Dr. Newton, how to enable patients/clients to remember their (OUR) timeless home in the spirit world. I and four other assistant instructors were chosen to assist at this training due to our extensive experience as past-life facilitators. One of my fellow assistants was my friend Paul Aurand. He subsequently served as the first president of The Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy, and I served as certification officer from 2006 to 2011. This organization was formed by Dr. Newton to continue his research, train new LBL practitioners and certify their competency, and to maintain a referral system to help individuals find their nearest local LBL practitioners. Until recently, Dr. Newton continued to be the Institute’s primary teacher of new LBL practitioners. However just prior to his retirement, I was deeply honored to be inducted as one of the first new lead instructors of LBL actually trained by TNI. These teachers are helping to insure that the organization will be able to continue its training mission for years to come. We usually hold one training in the U.S., and one overseas, each year. The Newton Institute maintains a very high standard for LBL practitioner certification, so you can expect to have an excellent experience with any practitioner in our referral system.

In a typical 3 to 5 hour session, the client is slowly hypnotized to a very pleasant and deep state of mind. First, they are regressed first back to some pleasant or neutral childhood memories. Next they are regressed back to their mother’s womb where many people get a more-or-less clear sense of what it was like to combine their soul energy with the physical brain and body of an unborn infant. After gathering some information there, they are next guided back through the tunnel of time to their most recent past physical life. Here we usually get some useful information that helps to explain and clarify personal issues and traits in the client’s present life. The true LBL experience begins when the client recalls their death in that life, and describes the experience of crossing over into spirit form. Typically this is followed by a re-orientation session with the client’s personal guide/teacher, and a rich interaction with loved ones and associates in the spirit world. The achievements and shortcomings of the life just lived may be carefully evaluated, but always without judgment. Clients frequently get a taste of the work they are passionately involved with in their spirit world home. Elder souls and teachers may be consulted and queried. Detailed plans are executed and reviewed for the next physical life, which is of course the one the client is presently living.

LBL sessions can produce profoundly positive changes in clients’ lives. This includes emotional, mental, and physical changes. While I make no personal claims for physical or mental healing as a result of LBL sessions I conduct, I do work for the Newton Institute as an instructor, and have taught this work to a few physicians. These doctors are ordering lab work and doing medical evaluations on their patients who undergo LBL sessions. They have occasionally communicated with me and others in our organization about very exciting improvements in medical conditions that they are dealing with in their medical practices. In spite of this wonderful work, we all agree, so far, that LBL work is not medicine. However, most individuals who choose to experience an LBL are able to recover some significant immortal memories. They often go away with a much greater sense of who they are as immortal beings, and why their current physical life is important.
LBL sessions are normally digitally recorded. The recordings are given to the client for personal future study and analysis.


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