Despite much research to the contrary, by law I may make no health benefit claims for my services. Therefore, the reader is warned not to regard any of these testimonials as implying claims of any health benefits being derived from hypnosis sessions facilitated by Jimmy Quast.

“This work has helped me in many more ways than I ever expected. I used to think that I had to use my energy to save the earth -- that it was very important. Now, I’m able to be free from that impossible burden! It is like a weight has been lifted from me. Now I see that I can use this energy to empower ME. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is just what I needed even though I never knew it". A. S.

"This was an exciting - intriguing - mind expanding journey to self-discovery and self-healing". L. L.

"I believe that the trance state that I have learned to enter has enabled me to become closer to animals - particularly wild ones which delight me and seem to show no fear of me anymore". Anonymous

"My only regret about trying hypnosis is that I didn’t have the opportunity to do it 10 or 20 years ago. I would highly recommend it to anyone with a sincere interest in self-improvement". Anonymous

"This was fascinating work which led to self discovery that I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams. What a fun way to eliminate bad habits and negative emotions! Learning to manage stress through self-hypnosis is very beneficial. Self-hypnosis and past-life regression were the essential steps in my spiritual growth". S. L.

"I would first like to thank you for the help you are giving me. I have often heard people come into our lives for specific reasons. I guess the fact that you and Jack crossed paths, was a way to get me here. With you, I have been able to achieve more in a matter of weeks than I have in years with medical doctors and counseling. Along with the physical and mental achievements, my mind is being expanded into a whole new world. Thanks so much!" V. K.

"This experience has changed my entire outlook on illness and disease. It is very empowering to believe that we control our own health with our minds. I want to go into this more deeply and work on many other things". Anonymous

"This work has totally convinced me that my mind is an “untapped resource” - I realize now that my fear based attitudes and beliefs have been changed profoundly, and this will enable me to live a much fuller and more joyful life. I think I have touched the tip of an iceberg and I look forward to delving even more deeply into my unconscious mind". Anonymous

" I feel my 2 sessions were extremely worthwhile and will have a significant impact on the rest of my life. In addition to achieving specific goals such as enjoying regular exercise and changing eating habits, I have also learned how to meditate and deal much better with stress". Anonymous

" My session abolished sadness and rejection feelings I can’t even drum up now! Actually this has only whetted my appetite for more exploration into my unconscious memories of this and my past lives. I plan (made a conscious decision) to make trance, and further investigation into my mind, a permanent aspect of my life.
Trance to treat insomnia is very successful!" B. K.

" I’m fascinated by the untapped power I wasn’t even aware I had! My life has changed a lot - and that’s what I wanted. I have easily and effortlessly given up a habit I’ve had for years and hated -- an addiction really". Anonymous

" It’s been three weeks and I haven’t wanted a cigarette even once. This is just amazing!" B. K.

" I’ve always been afraid of the things that go through my head. Not any more - and that’s the best relief of all!" Anonymous


Before my LBL session, I was traumatized -- see list below:
1. Extreme fatigue.
2. Severe weight loss. (In 2004 dropped from 140 lbs to 116 lbs in only a few months, and was unable to gain any of it back.)
3. Felt I was functioning with only 10% of my former personality.
4. I became a “doormat” - no energy to defend myself. No courage. No confidence.
5. The memories of past traumas overwhelmed me, causing me to fear all people.
6. Lost all ability to trust others.
7. Could not get most issues resolved, even after numerous tries.
8. Suffered adrenal failure.
9. Craved sugary foods.
10. Was lactose intolerant.
11. Felt I was done with my life.

After my LBL session:
1. Full of energy - have the stamina of a 15 - 17 year old.
2. Gained weight 5-10 lbs. in about 6 weeks.
3. Eating very healthy (I crave it).
4. NO DESIRE for sugary foods.
5. Am no longer lactose intolerant.
6. High level of determination and focus (I’m going forward with my life).
7. I know things ahead of time (more intuitive).
8. I feel a blockage was removed in stomach area - healing has occurred there.
9. Have a sense of purpose in my life.
10. Not a “doormat” anymore.
11. People don’t frighten me anymore.
12. No longer fear death.
13. Traumatized feelings are gone.
14. If someone does something hurtful, I’m either not affected or it is lifted within hours.
15. I find myself comfortable with some people I was previously uncomfortable with -- and vice versa.

"As of 10/24/07, this LBL hypnosis has restored me emotionally, physically, spiritually, and put balance back in my life". Thanks, D.M.

COMMENT BY J. E. Quast: The above story is only one private individual’s statement of her own perceptions following an LBL session. Individual results vary widely. Therefore the reader should not conclude from this testimonial that I (or the Newton Institute) make any claims of health benefits being derived from the LBL experience.


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