by Jimmy E. Quast

If your organization has an appropriate venue and would like to offer any of the following workshops or classes, please call or email me for more information. Whether you expect ten participants or a full auditorium, I will suggest per-person fees and give you the required total fee, including any travel expenses. Of course, the size and location of your venue, among other things, will determine the actual numbers. With sufficient preparation I would expect the hosting organization to make a profit on these offerings. When you contact me, we will also discuss a minimum cancellation period for your proposed event.

1. Past Life Regression (PLR) (2-hours)

This is a light group hypnotic session. In a group of 10 or more, we will normally have several very interesting experiences and sometimes even exciting and profound experiences with past life material that comes up. I tailor the session toward receiving pleasant or neutral memories as opposed to the more challenging type that might be useful in a one-on-one PLR session. Naturally this workshop tends to raise lots of questions and discussion.

2. Life Between Lives Regression (LBL) (3-hours or more)

This is my personal favorite hypnosis presentation. It is based upon my work with Dr. Michael Newton, who has authored three best-selling books, Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. I serve as an instructor and I am the Continuing Education chairman for The Newton Institute (TNI) Each year we offer two trainings (one in the U.S. and one somewhere overseas) for doctors, therapists and professional hypnotists who want to learn how to facilitate their patients and clients to remember their immortal lives at "home" where all of us live, work, and learn, when we are not physically incarnating. An actual LBL session can require anywhere from 4 hours to an entire day to complete, and is a very personal experience that one would not try to do in a group setting. However, as you might guess, this kind of regression hypnosis is one of the most compelling topics that anyone could ever engage in a workshop-discussion format. This workshop always gets into such universal questions as, Who am I? Why am I here right now? What happens when I die? and hundreds of other profound questions. At present, our group of practitioners has regressed tens of thousands of people to the superconscious state where ALL of them have reported the same information (often down to the same miniscule details) regarding what our spirit world existence is like, and what we do there.

3. Master the Art of Self-Hypnosis (15-hours divided into 6 meetings over 6 wks)

This is certainly the most thorough and practical workshop I offer. This meets once each week for 2-1/2 hours. Students work on individual personal projects both during and between classes, and take on everything from personal healing, to freeing up artistic creativity or ending negative habits. The class benefits as much from the contributions of each student as it does from my many years of professional hypnosis experience. I designed this class in 1995 and have taught it once or twice every year since. The class continues to evolve, and of course the contributions of the students make it a unique experience each time I offer it. Unlike my other offerings, I limit the size of this class to a maximum of 15 students in order to make it more personal. The suggested fee per student is $200, and my minimum is $2000.

4. Basic Self-Hypnosis (3-hours)

In this workshop, I present the basic theory and principles of self-hypnosis, an experiential group induction of hypnosis, and practical techniques that attendees may use for personal growth, healing and comfort.

5. Custom Workshops

It is not unusual to get requests for particular topics within the broad field of hypnosis. During my years of practice, I have had numerous positive experiences using hypnosis to facilitate childbirth, relieve relationship problems, resolve abusive childhood issues, and resolve both physical and emotional pain. Based upon my experiences working as a hypnotist in medical facilities, I have presented positive new perspectives on some of the most perplexing diseases confronting humanity, both in public venues and at professional conventions.

Contact me by phone or email with your questions about any specific topic you would like to explore.

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